Mega Man 10 Revelaed

Capcom announces will continuing Mega Man series with classic 8-bit style. Following the previous Mega Man, this new game will be available for WiiWare. In this Mega Man 10, you'll fight with eight master robots.

Now as playable character, you can controll Protoman without microtranactions. Beside, there will be third playable character, but the new Hero in Mega Man 10 hasn't been revealed, we need to wait until Capcom announce that. Considering Mega Man 10 is on easy mode, Capcom trying to make the new game is more accessible.

MegaMan 10
The complete details will be revealed immediately, but in the meantime you actually just need to realize that Mega Man 10 is happening, and one of the robot masters is called Sheep Man. Are they really that hard up for robot masters that they’re designing them after farm animals now? And the weapon you get is the Thunder Wool. Whatever, guys. Just keep the Mega Men coming.

Some of the features and overview of the Nintendo Power article:
  • Mega Man is looking for a vaccine-making device to fight the ‘Robotenza’, which causes robots to overheat and go crazy
  • Play as Proto Man right from the start
  • Third playable character yet to be revealed
  • Computer-themed stage with mouse pointer enemies that draw boxes to throw at you, color-changing disappearing blocks, power treadmills and more
  • Lava level, vertically oriented, lava pools, block shaped enemies that can duplicate themselves, conveyor belts that push you down
  • Sheep Man: turns into 4 clouds that hover above and attack with lightning, earn Thunder Wool for lightning attacks
  • Features an easy mode